Tall in the Saddle

Midland County 4-H Exceptional Riders Program

VOLUNTEERS = VIP’s (a/k/a Very Important People)

For more than forty years, the Tall in the Saddle therapeutic horseback riding program has relied on volunteers throughout the community to support and maintain its continued success.

If you or your friends are interested in volunteering with the Tall in the Saddle Midland County 4-H Exceptional Riders Program, please review the following job descriptions and use the form below to contact our Lead Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Gallant for more information.  Each new volunteer needs to attend New Volunteer Orientation for appropriate training prior to being eligible to assist with our program classes and must submit forms listed below.

In our weekly classes we utilize volunteers primarily as horse leaders and side walkers, although assistance with grooming and tacking up horses and ring set-up is sometimes required.


Volunteer Opportunities


Horse Leader

Provide a safety measure so that the horse will never be out of control of the rider.



Walk alongside of the horse sometimes providing physical support to the student and sometimes just reinforcing the commands of the instructor or offering emotional support.



Welcomes students and parents, assists with student helmet selection and correct fit, prompts students to do warm-up stretches or exercises to prepare for mounting their horse and riding.


Ring Set-Up

Follow the riding instructor’s planbefore classes start, to set up the ring equipment (poles, PVC logs, barrels, etc.).



Horse grooming and tacking up before classes.


Organizing Committee

Bring your organizing and or fund-raising talents to the table and join the planning committee!

Volunteer Contact

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