Tall in the Saddle

Midland County 4-H Exceptional Riders Program

Support A Rider Fund-Raiser

Thank you to all donors, with your support we raised $6,700!

Businesses and Organizations

Platinum Stirrup Sponsors ($500):

Thelen Inc.

Dow Chemical Employees Credit UnionPlastic Surgery Institute of Mid-Michigan PC

Kiwassee Kiwansis Junior Youth Committee

Silver Stirrup Sponsors ($250)

Plastic Surgery Institute of Mid-Michigan PC

Tall In The Saddle Supporter ($51-$250)

Servinski Sod Service, Inc.

Valley Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Tall In The Saddle Friend ($25-$50)

Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

Larkin Food Center


Goal Exceeded! Thank You!

Individual Donors – Rider Sponsors ($250 or more)

Karen L. Muehlfelt
John & Julie Day
Elizabeth A. Evans
Robert & Lynn Haiducek
Eileen Surbrook
Michael & Jeff Pitt
Tamara Coppens
David & Jane Snider
Paul Kalitta & Mary Silva
Andrew & Katy Leonard

Individual Donors

Joan Owen
Jeff Doane
Steve Volders
Katie Volders
Gwen Volders
Lisa Fink
Amie Keidel
Michelle Arthur
John Young
Ken & Barb Burman
Maureen & Jesse Frankovich
Erin & Jan Lauderbach
Jodi & Kelcey Cook
John R. Evans
Kerry & Colin Buell
Robin Breseman

Kristi Breseman
Rebecca Park
Kathy Anderson
Bill Albe
Farrah Merges
Sandra Antonelli
Larry & Linda Burgess
Kayla & Steve Houghteling
Jan & Vern Bott
Jane Parr
Jen & Mike Aloff
Lorna Strautman
Cindy Vickery
Kara & Eric Mohr
Peg Albe
Roger & Bonnie Mead

Deb & Al Mead
Donald & Sandra Bonem
Barbara Travis
Benjamin Dollard
Sally Ginter-Coats
John & Sandra Bartos
Kristine Theisen
Jennifer Page
Joe Finney
Terrah Johnson
Becky Ouderkirk

Support Tall in the Saddle

Tall in the Saddle (TIS), a 4-H program operated by volunteers, has filled an important need in Midland County for more than 40 years by providing therapeutic horseback riding to children and young adults with special needs.

It costs approximately $5,000 to operate TIS for one year… a cost of $250 per rider.  Please consider donating to help support a rider.  Your donation will make a difference in the lives of some very special kids, youth, and young adults.

Donate Now

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, you may do so by sending a check made payable to “Tall in the Saddle” to Connie Anders, 1408 Lee St., Midland, MI  48642.

Thank you from all of us in advance. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are both appreciated! Every little bit helps.

We are always looking for new fundraising opportunities.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact us. We would welcome your input.

Adopt-A-Rider Scholarship Program

Take our word for it.  There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the smile of pride and personal accomplishment on a struggling child’s excited face.

Regardless of how long they’re with us, each Tall in the Saddle rider learns something about freedom, independence and communicating with the world around them every time they visit.  Whether they want to or not!

Maybe they don’t come right out and tell you “Thanks” but it shows in the nervous strides, tentative touches, infectious laughter, warm hugs and broad smiles you’ll find being shared during each class.

Imagine if you, your church, or philanthropic community group could make that dream come true all year long by joining the Tall in the Saddle Adopt-A-Rider Scholarship Program. It’s very simple.  And rewarding for everyone involved.

A donation of $40 will sponsor a rider for a week and $250 will provide a rider a scholarship for one eight-week session. With a gift of $500, you can influence the lives of two young riders.  Each donation helps a rider increase their concentration, patience and discipline and master their self-control. They learn to focus and sit tall both on the horse and in their daily lives.  The motion and action of the horse improves posture, strengthens and relaxes the muscles and stimulates the nervous and circulatory system.

The rewards are great.

When you or your organization adopts a TIS rider, you’ll both receive a warm thank you and open invitation to visit anytime. We hope you’ll join us to watch your rider grow stronger in his or her skills and confidence.  The smiles are worth it.  We promise!

Please contact Betsy Evans to find out how YOU can make a difference in the life of a child!

Wish List

Financial donations to assist with TIS program insurance and misc. expenses that specific donations do not cover:

  • Gift card(s) for copying expenses @ office supply stores like Staples or Quick & Reliable Printing
  • U.S. Stamps for program mailings
  • Leather bitless bridles
  • Rainbow reins
  • Stirrup leathers
  • Surcingle
  • Therapeutic pads (for horses & riders)
  • Used English or western saddles (especially 16 & 17″ seats)
  • 28″-52″ girths in good condition (especially neoprene English or western girths)
  • Trophies (that may be re-used for our horse show)
  • We’re running low on ribbons for our horse show – could use a donation specifically toward purchase of these.

Supporting Organizations

We offer our heartfelt thanks on behalf of everyone involved in Tall in the Saddle to the following business and individual donors for providing support to this wonderful program in Midland county:

  • Midland Kiwanis
  • Kiwassi Kiwanis
  • Knights of Columbus #2141
  • Horse Tales 4-H Youth Club
  • Civitan Club of Midland
  • Tri-County Horse Association
  • The Ladies of Blessed Sacrament
  • Thelen Inc
  • Servinski Sod Services Inc.
  • Plastic Surgery Institute of Mid-Michigan PC
  • Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Kiwassee Kiwansis Junior Youth Committee
  • Valley Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Thank You!