Tall in the Saddle

Midland County 4-H Exceptional Riders Program


Tall in the Saddle is all about the riders!  The children and young adults who participate interact with the horses, volunteers, instructors and other riders during each class.  Therapeutic riding helps riders increase their concentration, patience and discipline and master their self-control. They learn to focus and sit tall both on the horse and in their daily lives.  The motion and action of the horse improves posture, strengthens and relaxes the muscles and stimulates the nervous and circulatory system.  Therapeutic riding can benefit people with mental, emotional, learning, hearing, visual and physical impairments.

Riding classes are held at local privately owned farms.  Privately owned horses, tested by the instructor prior to use in the program, provide the mounts for our riders.

Our program accommodates 20 students in each 8 week session and maintains a “waiting list” from which substitute riders are called.  Applicants are accepted within the age range of 8 to 25 years.  Once in the program, students may remain riding until the age of 25 years as long as the student continues to benefit from the program and meets the admission policy guidelines.  A state licensed occupational or physical therapist and our instructor/s review applicants to our program.


Application & Admission Policy

Both applications and admission policies are also available by contacting:

Dee Howe, 4-H Coordinator

Midland County Extension Office

220 W. Ellsworth, Midland, MI  48640



Betsy Evans, OTR/L, Committee Chairperson

Midland County 4-H Exceptional Riders – Tall in the Saddle